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So you’ve decided to become involved in affiliate marketing, now what’s next? Patience is important because affiliate marketing is not a get rich scheme. It takes time to build your income stream. Let’s look at the top tips for you to enjoy success with affiliate marketing.

1. First focus on building relationships – Affiliate marketing is all about trust. If you have a friend recommend a product to you, you’ll listen, but if someone you don’t know makes a recommendation then you are likely to be skeptical. So take the time to build a relationship with your visitors. 
2. Choose affiliate products that will help your visitors solve a problem they have. There are excellent affiliate products to choose from so find something your visitors need and they’ll spend money.
3. Focus on building traffic – The more traffic coming to your site the more potential customers you have at your fingertips, so work hard to build targeted traffic.
4. Wisely promote – It takes more than affiliate banner ads to promote your affiliate products. Visitors are very ad savvy and will easily overlook ads. In fact, they might find them annoying enough to leave your site. Instead, tell the visitors about the product(s), both the good and the bad. Let them know what the product can or cannot do for you. 
5. Make use of analytical tools – Guessing whether an ad works or not is not a great way to know what’s happening with your affiliate products. Instead, make use of one or more of the analytical tools that are available. This will clearly show you how the ads are doing. It will show you which ads are working and which are not. These are great tools to use in making decisions.
6. Find experts – There are many established affiliate networks. Why not sign up to one? They offer a full range of support and service including access to support and development, techniques, tools, and leading advertiser programs that will help to boost your affiliate revenue. 
7. Be honest about your recommendations – Honesty goes a long way. Take the time to tell your visitors about your products, what they can or cannot do for them. Don’t use hype. Visitors see through it. Worse even if you get the first sale you’ll never get them back if they aren’t happy with you. No deception, even a little is acceptable!

Put these top tips into play and you’ll be far more likely to enjoy successful affiliate marketing.

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